Twitter Allows Search Engines

This is a topic that can be quite difficult to most people to comprehend including even those who are already on the social networking site, Twitter. However, it should be noted that the phrase, Twitter allows search engines’ is something that can be very easy to understand. It only means that Twitter now allows search engines as Google or Bing to crawl into tweets to show them in page results. To those who are already on twitter, you will agree with me that just twitter has got a search tab that appears at the top of the page whenever you are on the home page. This tab operates more like that of search engines.

To those who may not have used twitter, you should take note that the search tab that is found in twitter works just in the same way as those that are on other online sites and even search engines.

The tab can be used in conducting different kinds of searches. You can use in finding other people, businesses, groups or even organizations that are already signed in to twitter. Whenever you type a keyword into the search tab, it will take a few seconds just like the way search engines operate and bring you results that are associated to that keyword.

One thing about the search that can be conducted on Twitter and the one that is conducted by search engines is that the one based on Twitter is a bit narrow. A search that is carried out in Twitter will only bring you results based on the names of that have been registered on the social site and not on the entire web the way search engines do. As a result of this, it is advisable that whenever you are coming up with a name to be used in signing up to Twitter, you should ensure that it is unique and also easy to comprehend so that it can be easily spotted by the search engine.

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