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Twitter Allows Search Engines

This is a topic that can be quite difficult to most people to comprehend including even those who are already on the social networking site, Twitter. However, it should be noted that the phrase, Twitter allows search engines’ is something that

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iOS 6 Maps Issue – How to Use Google Maps

Having Google maps on your iOS is simply the best decision you can ever make. With Google maps, you can handle all issues efficiently. This is based on the fact that the Map is a highly functional web application that

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Google is losing focus

It seems everyone is trying to out-Apple Apple. Google is no exception. This week, after the Chinese government finally give its blessing on the deal, Google completed its expensive acquisition of Motorola. It is now officially a hardware company, just

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Facebook IPO, win or Fail?

As you may know, social media metrics affect SEO, so we’ve been following Facebook closely lately. Facebook is one of those rare initial public offerings that generated tons of excitement. It’s been talked about and rumored for months, and we

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Configuring nginx with PHP on windows

Nginx is a ridiculously fast web server. And it’s small too! The total download size is about1 MegaByte. Because of that, it’s also incredibly popular. It is in fact the second most popular web server right now. Installing Nginx Grab

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MySQL split (string into rows) function

In a recent project, we had to port some of our MS SQL code (the client’s preferred RDMBS) to MySQL (the RDBMS we usually use since we love open source). Unfortunately we ran into a non-trivial stumbling block (and a

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